Whether you represent a large or small business, NGO, or other entity, I am committed to creating value to you through communication which makes a difference.

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Get thorough and well-founded insights into everything from target audiences and the efficacy of newsletters and magazines to organisational structure and competency gaps.

Editing and content

Written production in high quality, from short soundbites or articles to editing of longer publications such as annual reports. Insight and experience from many topics (both B2B and B2C) and genres.


Heads of communication, editors, and writers are offered help in structuring content, planning themes, working with sources, improving writing skills, etc.


Professionalize your language policies and translations, or offer help to Danes and others not used to writing in English, through workshops, guidelines, or coaching.


Advice on the communication side of change processes, through tested models for stakeholder analysis, key messages, FAQs, and detailed communication plans.