Deja-vu is a communication agency focusing on strategic communication, analysis, content, language, and change.

Based on the client's needs, we offer advice in questions great and small, and hands-on assistance in implementing anything from short texts to larger change processes or a new organisation.

Deja-vu is based in the Copenhagen area and owned by Kenneth Birch.

Kenneth Birch

Your project is safe with Kenneth, who is always ready to listen to your needs and give specific recommendations to help you progress.

Kenneth Birch has many years of professional experience in strategic communication, from listed (Fortune 500) companies to small startups and NGOs.

Ever since childhood Kenneth has been playing and working with language and communication. Examples include a high school yearbook, working as a webmaster, an MA degree in Information Science, translating four books, en English-language blog since 2005, and oral presentations.

Kenneth is analytically strong; quick to grasp the essence of new subject areas, find a read thread, and give well-founded recommendations.

Finally Kenneth is international – with a Danish father and Norwegian mother, having lived in the U.S. as a child, he is practically bilingual in English and Danish. He notices the subtle differences of language and culture and blends in well in international settings.

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From French déjà-vu, literally ’already seen’. A feeling of having experienced something before, even when experiencing it for the first time.

Communication you remember

The name deja-vu is also my best advice on communication: Never settle for saying things just once.

In our waking hours we read on average 23 words per second, through traditional and digital media. No surprise we don't remember everything.

But we may still remember subconsciously, which is why repetition is important. So if you read a text and think, ”I've heard that before,” your deja-vu is neither a memory of a past life (sorry), plagiarism, or unimaginative marketing. It is good communication, because trust is built up through familiarity.

You need to meet your audience where they are. And they are not just in one place: people's habits, tastes, and needs are extremely diverse. There is no one-size-fits-all.

I can help you reach your audiences. Not with one-hit-wonders, but through analysis, thorough recommendations, and well-planned content.